What is Flow?

Flow is a social course planning website. Launched in September 2012, it was built by four students in Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo. What does the name mean? Well, we're not sure ourselves... we launched with it, and it just sort of stuck!

Flow is open-sourced

Want to contribute? Check out the code on GitHub.

Not sure where to start? Perhaps you can tackle one of these issues.

Have questions? Come hang out with us in our public chat room.

Want to fork Flow to be a white-labelled platform for your school? Awesome — go for it. Just be wary that the data scrapers are tied to Waterloo’s APIs.

Read our blog post about why we open-sourced .


Jeff Gulbronson

2B Software Engineering

Jeff enjoys juggling and getting involved in the Waterloo Engineering Society

He has worked at Square, enjoying all the sunny weather San Francisco has to offer, and is currently enjoying all the rainy days Seattle has to offer while working at Seeq.


David Hu

2014 Software Engineering

David is a human being currently living on Earth.

Since David complains a lot about bad user experience, he's the chief UX nitpicker at Flow. He also does system administration and takes out the garbage.

David has worked at Google for two terms and then at Khan Academy for two terms.

Mack Duan

2014 Software Engineering

Mack Duan is a Software Engineering student helping with the software development of Flow.

He really enjoys eating spicy food. In his free time, he likes to watch TV, movies and play cards.

Mack has worked two terms at Facebook, and at a startup in San Francisco.

Sandy Wu

2014 Software Engineering

After hacking on Flow, Sandy now spends his time fighting fraud on the risk team at Stripe.

During his spare time he enjoys karaoke, dancing, and noming lots of delicious food.

During his co-op terms at Facebook and Twitter he tried (unsuccessfully) to eat everything he saw.

Jamie Wong

2014 Software Engineering

Jamie Wong rants about technology on his blog, plays badminton, and occasionally writes some code for Flow.

He also wrote Flow's very first piece of open source software!

He's worked at Facebook and Khan Academy where he learned to ride a ripstik and learned to juggle respectively.


Terrance Kwok

Accounting and Finance

Terrance Kwok suffers from exercise induced asthma, but enjoys Indian food

He finds pleasure in the occasional IPA beer and as such, Terrance handles the business development side of Flow.

Terrance has worked at KPMG and is currently pursuing an career in accounting and finance (seriously).

Shubham Datta

Accounting and Finance

Shubham Datta wakes up each day with a mission to stop procrastinating tomorrow.

He enjoys meeting and talking to new people everyday, and so he takes care of the business development side of Flow.

Shubham has worked at KPMG and is currently pursuing a career in accounting and finance.


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